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Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers for men

Electric shavers make great presents for men, whether it’s Father’s Day, Xmas, or birthdays. Afterall, most men have to shave regularly, so buying a good quality electric shaver can make the whole process easier, as well as more enjoyable.

Choosing the best electric shavers

Looking at the wide range of electric shavers that are available and choosing the right one can seem a bit daunting, but it helps when you understand the differences between the different ones and the features they offer.

There are several different types of shavers available for men. For example, the wet/dry shaver is usually more expensive, but can be useful if you’re looking for one that can be used in the bath, or shower, as well as giving you the option to use it completely dry. You can get rechargeable ones, so you have the option to use them on the go, without worrying about an electrical socket. Some electric shavers also come with extra attachments for grooming.

One thing to remember, is the more rotating heads an electric shaver has, the closer the shave will be. But, choosing the right shaver also depends on your budget. Cheap electric shavers will have less settings and features than more expensive ones, which usually have more settings for greater control.

A good place to start is to think about the man you’re buying the shaver for.

  • If he travels and is away on business a lot, a rechargeable shaver will give him the most flexibility, without worrying about replacing batteries, or needing a mains adaptor.
  • For a first electric shaver, or for someone who has only recently started shaving, a cheaper model might suit him best.
  • Men with thick, coarse hair might prefer a shaver with more rotating heads, designed to give a closer shave.
  • Does he like designer stubble? Does he need a shaver that can be used for other male grooming tasks? If so, you might want to look for one that comes with different attachments and will be more versatile.

Most popular men’s electric shavers

Here’s a quick guide to the most popular models right now…

Panasonic ES8249 electric shavers

Pro-curve wet and dry shaver

Panasonic ES8249 Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver – This is a high end shaver that comes with an impressive range of features.

  •  flexible, pivoting head that’s designed to follow the contours of the face
  • rechargeable
  • 1 hour quick charge
  • automatic self-cleaning to keep the shaver in tip-top condition
  • pop-up trimmer
Philips HQ7340 7300 shaver

Rotary shaver

Philips HQ7340 Rotary Male Rechargeable Shaver – This shaver comes in at a very affordable price, which is great if you’re looking for a popular shaver without spending a fortune.

  • dual blades lift hairs to cut below the skin level
  • hair collection chamber helps reduce mess
  • rechargeable
  • protective cover to prevent damage to the heads
  • can be cleaned with tap water
Braun Series 7 790cc Clean & Renew System

Clean and renew system

Braun Series 7 790cc Clean & Renew System Electric Rechargeable Male Foil Shaver – Another high end shaver, designed for comfort and perfect shaving results.

  • rechargeable
  • 5 minute quick charge
  • 3-stage cutting system in one stroke
  • rinse under the tap for a quick and easy clean
  • head has extra flexing action to follow facial contours and give an extremely close shave
  • one touch button to clean, dry and charge your shaver
Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Rechargeable electric shavers

Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shavers with Travel Pouch –  This mid price range shaver is a good option if you’re looking for a compromise between a high quality and affordable shaver.

  • larger shaving surface for a faster shave
  • lift and cut technology for a close shave
  • large shaving surface, contour following system, rinses clean and can shave even the shortest stubble
  • designed to pivot and follow contours of face and neck
  • travel pouch
Braun Series 5 590cc Clean & Renew System Electric shavers

Clean and renew system

Braun Series 5 590cc Clean & Renew System Electric Rechargeable Male Foil Shaver – These electric shavers are rechargeable and have a comfort setting switch so you can adjust your shaver to get the best level of pivoting for your skin type.

  • 3-stage cutting system for a close shave with just one stroke
  • clean and renew stand so your shaver is cleaned, dried and charged at the touch of a button
  • foil head
  • battery life indicators
  • can also be cleaned under the tap

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